Sarabande continues its exciting journey as a part of a large Hamburg based exhibition NOT FULLY HUMAN, NOT HUMAN AT ALL curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez and Bettina Steinbrügge. The questions of dehumanization, identity and migration in Europe are explored by various artists tackling these issues through versatile practises and approaches. This is an unusual setting for Sarabande but at the same time the right place for it. The exhibition will be open from 24/10/2020–24/01/2021 – KUNSTVEREIN IN HAMBURG

Not Fully Human, Not Human at All takes its name from Donna Haraway’s essay “Ecce Homo, Ain’t (Ar’n’t) I a Woman, and Inappropriate/d Others”, a text which challenges the “universal” claims of Enlightenment Humanism in order to propose conditions of what she calls “non-generic” collective humanity. In this text, Haraway refers to Hortense Spillers’ description of the levels of dehumanization faced by slaves in the United States, their treatment of being disposable, and their lack of any legal subjectivity—conditions that we can find in Europe today.”

Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Bettina Steinbrügge.