Lucid Dreaming with Kaltrina

Lucid Dreaming: CONVERSATIONS WITH 29 FILMMAKERS is a beautiful collection of deeply engaging interviews conducted and edited by writer and film curator Pamela Cohn. Our director Kaltrina Krasniqi is one of the filmmakers interviewed where among other things she talks about the process of making Sarabande documentary and her current film project Vera Dreams of the Sea. Lucid Dreaming is published by OR Books and now is available here. More on the content of the book and other voices represented in it can be read in this thorough review

“In these engaging, challenging and beguiling dialogues, Pamela Cohn expertly draws from her subjects, personal biography and conceptual intent, process and nearly subconscious motivation, personal revelation and political mission. The result is a work that not only provides a road map to the furthest regions of cinematic possibility in the early 21st century but one whose spirited back-and-forth inspires the reader to think anew about artistic possibility.”
—Scott Macaulay, editor-in-chief of Filmmaker Magazine